MOB Theatre Dublin Improv Classes

Hello! We currently have 3 Improv classes available and 1 Sketch writing class. At the bottom of the page, you will find information on how to best choose which Improv class is for you (Sketch 101 is open to all levels): 

Still don't know what to take? No problem, email us at



If you are a total beginner, never taken a long-form Improv class...take IMPROV 101

You have taken Improv classes in the past, or did some Improv in college or exclusively short-form Improv... take IMPROV 101

You've done some Improv courses in Dublin, but you're a bit nervous about jumping in there and aren't sure what your experience level is... take IMPROV 101

You wanna take IMPROV 201, but you can't wait to take a class till January...take IMPROV 101



You have taken one or two long-form improv courses in Dublin within the last 2 years...take IMPROV 201

You have taken many IMPROV classes in the past and recently but are interested in experiencing the full MOB Theatre Dublin Course Curriculum... take IMPROV 201

You are on a MOB team but would like a refresher



You are currently on a MOB Harold team

You have taken all available classes from Stoke Improv, Neil Curran or the equivalent...take IMPROV 301

You took Erin McGathy's crash Harold course earlier this year...take IMPROV 301

You've completed at least levels 1-3 at UCB or iO or the equivalent...take IMPROV 301

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